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Over 3,500 Homes In The Midlands Prevented From Bulk Sale

Those figures take into account the last three years in the region.

3,550 homes across the midlands have been prevented from bulk sale in the last three years.

These homes are ring-fenced for owner occupiers and restricted from multiple sales to a single purchaser.

Just under 1,500 of these dwellings are in Westmeath, with 628 in Offaly and 1,430 in Laois.

Nationally, almost 50,000 homes have seen these planning measures implemented since May 2021. 

Minister for Housing, Darragh O' Brien, says "This data confirms that the interventions have worked and have helped level the playing field for traditional home buyers, including first-time buyers, while at the same time, continuing to facilitate investment in the construction of new homes"

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