Over 38,000 Patients Waiting Over 18 Months For Health Scan

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3,000 patients are waiting to see a specialist in midlands hospitals.

Over 38,000 people have been waiting over 18 months for a health scan in hospital. 

They're among 251,000 people who are waiting for a CT, MRI or ultrasound as an outpatient. 

Over 3,000 patients are waiting to see specialists in midlands hospitals - nearly 1,700 of those are in Tullamore, just under 900 in Mullingar and over 500 in Portlaoise.

Over 200 patients in the region have been waiting longer than a year and a half.

The HSE says funding has been provided to address the problem, under the 2023 Waiting List Action Plan. 

Sinn Féin's health spokesperson, David Cullinane, says the new figures are shocking:

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