Reducing Car Use And Expanding Bike Share Scheme Key Targets In Westmeath CAP

The five-year plan was launched by Minister Eamon Ryan yesterday.

Exploring solutions to reduce car use and expanding the bike share scheme are key targets for Westmeath's Climate Action Plan.

The five-year plan was launched yesterday by Energy Minister Eamon Ryan.

Westmeath County Council says it will have to proactively plan for future weather hazards, to prevent the reoccurence of previous events like the county experiencing both a heatwave and a drought in 2018.

It's outlined five areas of focus in its Climate Action Plan, which it labels as Governance and Leadership, Built Environment and Transport, Natural Environment and Green Infrastructure, Community Resilience and Transition, and Sustainability and Resource Management.

The strategy will serve the county up to 2029, and will prioritise actions like carrying out deep retrofits on housing stock, and creating an outreach programme to limit the isolation of vulnerable citizens during severe weather events.

It also says Mullingar, as the county's 'decarbonsation zone' will be a testbed for new strategies to contribute to Ireland's plans to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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