Russian Energy Ploys Not Of Major Concern To Europe - Yet

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An Irish MEP says the EU is scrambling to find energy alternatives.

Russia's latest crack-down on energy customers who refuse to pay in roubles is not of major concern to Europe - yet.

That's the view of Ireland South MEP Seán Kelly, who says European Commission representatives are currently in Kuwait and Qatar exploring LNG alternatives.

The Fine Gael rep says the EU has enough energy reserves to make it through the summer months - but admits the winter is of concern.

He says expediting renewable energy development is "the ultimate solution":

He's been remarking on the sad irony that the EU is "fighting the war through Ukraine" while simultaneously funding Russia through a reliance on its coal and gas.

Mr. Kelly - who represents the people of Laois and Offaly in Europe - says Germany's over-reliance on Russian gas, in particular, means the EU is effectively funding Vladimir Putin's war machine.

He warns the German economy could come to a full standstill if access to Russian supplies is cut off.

The Kerryman claims the Germans were wrong to start downgrading nuclear energy plants in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster in Japan.

He also warns of the importance not letting Russia advance into NATO territory - something he says would have "enormous" consequences for the world.

Germany is developing plans to build two LNG terminals but it will be two to three years before they're complete.

Mr. Kelly says Spain and Portugal have under-utilised LNG terminals that could be prioritised.

Further nuclear development is another option.

But the Ireland-South rep says the answer lies in renewables and says the EU is working to alter the planning regulations and red tape to expediate the process.

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