Special Covid-19 Enforcement Powers Used Over 1,000 Times By Gardaí In Midlands Region

Offences included non wearing of facemasks and organisation of and attending house parties.

Gardaí in the midlands issued over 1,000 fines for breaches of covid-19 regulations between April 2020 and the end of last month.

The figures come from the latest Garda 'Report on Policing Performance' during COVID-19. 

The majority of those have come in the Laois/Offaly division, with 656 fixed charge notices issued for offences such as unnecessary  travel during lockdown, non-wearing of facemasks and organising and attending house parties. 

262 fines were given out in Westmeath for the same range of offences. 

123 of the incidences involved non-fine covid related use of the temporary policing powers. 

93 in Laois/Offaly and 30 in Westmeath. 

Over 23,000 fines have been issued throughout Ireland since the enforcement of lockdown measures last year, with 47% of those being paid and the remainder facing court orders in the new year. 

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