TUS Allocated €36,000 To Help Inclusion Of Traveller And Roma Communities

It's part of a €450,000 overall allocation.

€450,000 is being rolled out to support Travellers and Roma students in higher education.

The Further Education Minister Simon Harris has made the announcement of the funding through the Dormant Accounts Funds.

The aim is to ensure COVID-19 doesn't widen the already significant gap in higher education between Travellers and the wider population. 

Minister Harris says their participation in college remains alarmingly low, with data showing their are currently just 61 Travellers are in higher education.

Dr Alan Wall, Chief Executive of the HEA, added:

“The HEA welcomes the roll-out of this funding to support students from Traveller and Roma communities.

“In 2021 this Fund enabled higher education institutions to provide supports to Traveller students in the context of the COVID pandemic. However, the impact of COVID-19 continues to exacerbate the challenges faced by Traveller and Roma students when accessing, and participating in, higher education.

“The continuation of this Fund, and its expansion to include Roma students, is an important intervention that will help achieve a more ethnically diverse student body”.

The funding measure is in addition to those already in place to support the Action Plan for Increasing Traveller participation in Higher Education 2019-2021.

The funding will enable the building of an interagency community approach led by higher education institutions, in collaboration with local Traveller & Roma organisations. It will have transformative long-term benefits for the Traveller and Roma communities."

Total Allocation (All €)

DCU - 24,141

NUIG - 36,638

TCD - 22,550

UCC - 27,619

UCD - 43,572

UL -22,145

MU - 21,466

TU Dublin - 38,701

MTU - 29,678

TUS - 36,166

MIC - 13,337

NCAD - 8,475

St Angela's - 9,638

IADT- 10,414

Dundalk IT - 15,108

GMIT - 17,806

IT Carlow - 18,661

IT Sligo - 12,916

Letterkenny IT - 14,628

Waterford IT - 17,983

Marino - 8,358

Total - €450,000

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