Westmeath Towns Slump In Litter Survey

Both towns saw a significant fall in the rankings.

A Westmeath town has lost its 'clean status.'

The latest litter survey from IBAL shows Athlone has fallen to 26th in the rankings, and is now labelled 'moderately littered.'

Mullingar has also fallen significantly, dropping from fifth to 15th in the list, while Portlaoise jumped one place, and Tullamore climbed four.

The survey shows Naas is the cleanest town in the country, ahead of Monaghan and Blanchardstown in Dublin.

Irish Business Against Litter spokesperson Conor Horgan says it's great to see fewer cans and plastic bottles being dumped:

The An Taisce report for Athlone stated:

A disappointment, as Athlone loses its clean status, with just four top ranking sites. 

If some of the moderately littered sites could be improved, it would make a big difference to the overall result. 

Count John McCormack Square / Place was attractively presented and maintained and excellent with regards to litter. Hopefully once the works are complete along Dublin Gate Street / Church Street, that the overall presentation will be easier of maintain. 

The two most heavily littered sites were Athlone Bus Station and Ballymahon Road – the latter generally presented well but was let down by litter in a few isolated locations, noted in previous IBAL surveys as well.

The An Taisce report for Mullingar stated:

All three of the approach routes into Mullingar scored well and this high standard was sustained for the majority of the remaining sites, bar two, which were heavily littered. 

Other top-ranking sites included Mullingar Train Station (Exterior and Interior), Market Point and Oliver Plunkett Street – Market House building presents very well, with the area in front in good order. 

The first of the heavily littered sites was at Canal Bank – there was litter deep within the water and on the surface – this site has been noted in previous IBAL surveys. 

The ‘Bring Centre’, Main Car Park was badly let down by the accumulation of items to the rear of the units.

The An Taisce report for Portlaoise stated:

A very strong result for Portlaoise, with seven out of the ten sites surveyed getting the top litter grade. These included Main Street (exceptionally clean and tidy), Hinde Square and various approach routes. 

Improvements were noted at Pepper Lane though it was still somewhat littered. By far the most heavily littered site surveyed in Portlaoise was Harper’s Lane & environs – while a series of houses had been demolished, there was a large expanse of green space which harboured significant litter.

The An Taisce report for Tullamore stated:

Another strong result for Tullamore, with no heavily littered sites. 

More importantly, previously poor sites have been addressed. Action has clearly been taken at both the Canal Side Parking area where the Bring Centre was removed due to dumping and at the Vacant Site on Offaly Street which was much cleaner than previously. 

O’Connor Square, Patrick Street and Columcille Street were all very well presented and maintained. There was a definite litter presence at the residential area of Cloncollig Housing Estate – levels were such that it could quickly deteriorate to a seriously littered state.

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