Decisions On Over 20,000 Homes Overdue By Almost A Year-And-A-Half

In other business news, a report on the Toy Show Musical is expected to be published soon.

Planning decisions on over 20,000 homes are now overdue by an average of 16 months.

A report from construction consultancy firm Mitchell McDermott says the planning delays are costing consumers a combined $125m.

It also found there are 31,000 Strategic Housing Developments which have planning permission, but building hasn't started yet.


A report into the failure of RTE's Toy Show The Musical is expected to be published later.

It's reported RTE projected sales of 90,000 tickets for the musical, but only sold just over 11,000.

Five members of the current board were in place during the controversy, and it's claimed there's no written record of the €2.2m being approved.


Looking at today's Currency Markets, one euro buys you £0.85 and one $1.09.
While the ISEQ Index of Irish Shares is at 8,967, down .06 %  since the opening.

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