Work Place Commission To Recommend More Agency For Workers

Elsewhere the future of cash is being considered this morning.

A leading Human Resource company, HR Suite, say employers shouldn't be afraid to explore more flexible and remote working opportunities for their employees.

The WRC is set to publish new guidelines at the end of the month which will give workers more of a say on the best way of doing their job.

Employers have argued that introducing these rights would see a rise in administrative costs for businesses who are still trying to deal with the cost of living crisis.


The former head of Dublin Port has described moving the facility out of the city for housing, as nonsensical.

It's estimated the cost of developing a port elsewhere and making the almost 650 acres ready for construction would be over €8bn.


The use of physical cash has fallen from 20bn before the pandemic to 13.5bn in 2022. While ATM usage has declined by almost 45%. 

Government is finalising plans today to protect the use of notes and coins. 


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