Players' Charter Could Drive Violent Flashpoints In GAA

Birr's Michael Verney is reacting to a GAA club's list of demands leaked to the public.

Ever increasing demands on GAA players will make them feel that nothing else but success with their club matters.

Those are the thoughts of former Birr and Offaly hurler Michael Verney, following the leaking of a players' charter from an unnamed club this week.

The list of demands for players for next year include no holidays or drinking without permission from management, cutting off extra sporting activities and suspension from squads if travelling during the year. 

The list has come under criticism from the wider GAA community across social media platforms.

Speaking to Midlands 103's David Hollywood, Verney says controversial incidents of abuse and violence can spring from players under such pressure:

Verney details to David the full list of demands and the consequences he's concerned about:

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