The Health and Fitness Show with Dr Diane Cooper -Top 5 Tips for Trail Walks


In Fridays show Dr Diane Cooper talked about green and blue exercise, taking you out and about with your fitness journey.

One of the main topics that was discussed was trail walks, which are great for not only your physical bodies health but for your mind as well. Here are Dr Diane Coopers 5 tips for getting started with trail walks.

1. Start with an easy (flat, slow walking) and short distance walk on a marked route.

Garryhinch Forest loop - Co Offaly (4km)

2. Buddy up with a friend. It’s safer and much more enjoyable.

stock photo

3. Be prepared for the weather!

Cadamstown Silver River Nature Trail, Co Offaly (6.9km)

Look up the weather in advance and bring appropriate gear E.g. sun cream, peaked hat (for sun or rain), waterproof clothing, spare warm layers (hat, gloves)

4. Bring water and snacks.

Glenbarrow Eco Walk - Co. Laois (9km)

There will be some beautiful places to sit and refresh.

5. Try it! You won’t know until you try. But, be safe. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to finish. Pack your phone in case you need it.

Glenafelly Forest Loop - Co. Offaly (7.4km)

Dr Diane Cooper would love to hear from you on your health and fitness journey, have you just started trail walking? What tips would you give? Do you have any questions for Diane Cooper to cover in the show? If send us a message below.

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