Byrne Carolan Cunningham Solicitors Road Traffic Accidents Do's and Don't's


Public Question

If I am involved in a road traffic accident with another motorist what should I do or not do. Please advise.

1.    Ensure that you and the other people involved in the accident are not injured. If anyone is injured call an ambulance. Be courteous and polite to others involved in the accident regardless of who is at fault.
2.    Call the Gardai. Depending on the seriousness of the accident they may or may not attend the scene.
3.    If it is a serious accident do not move your vehicle and ask the other motorist involved in the accident not to move their vehicle either until the Gardai arrive. If it is a minor accident and if it is not possible to leave the vehicles in the crash position due to the fact that the crashed vehicles are obstructing the road and holding up traffic then simply move the vehicles to the left of the road in a safe position. Try to take good photographs of the accident scene noting the position of and damage done to the crashed vehicles. 
4.    Take details of all vehicles involved in the accident to include: insurance details; vehicle registration numbers; names, addresses and phone numbers for all drivers.
5.    Take names, addresses and phone numbers of independent witnesses who witnessed the accident.
6.    Take note of the name and station of the Garda who attends the accident scene.


1.    Don't admit liability at the scene of the accident. It is a condition of many insurance policies not to admit liability following an accident. If you are obviously at fault it is simply best to exchange insurance details and tell the other party that you will report the matter to your insurance company.
2.    Don't leave the scene of the accident until particulars have been exchanged.
3.    If the other motorist tells you that he is going to move his vehicle and return to the scene, don't believe him. Make sure that all details are exchanged before anyone leaves the scene.



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