Airbus And Air France Trial: Verdict To Be Delivered Next April

228 people died in the crash in 2009, including a Roscrea doctor.

The verdict of the Airbus and Air France trial, in which a Roscrea doctor died, won't be delivered until April of next year.

Aisling Butler died, along with 215 other passengers and 12 crew members, when the flight from Rio De Janeiro to Paris crashed in 2009. 

The aviation giants face manslaughter charges for the crash. 

On the last day of the trial, the prosecution addressed the court and said they could not ask for a conviction as there's not sufficient proof of guilt. 

Aisling's father, John, testified during the trial.

France Correspondent with the Irish Times Lara Marlowe says the 26-year-old had been on holiday in Brazil: 

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