Protestors Stop Bus From Entering Columb Barracks

There are approximately 30 people stood in front of the barracks.

Protestors are blocking a bus from entering a midlands former army barracks - which is being used to house refugees. 

Up to 120 single male are to be accommodated in tents at the Columb Barracks for up to 16 weeks.

Over 30 people have gathered outside the gates of the building in Mullingar this afternoon, and are blocking a bus attempting to enter the site.

A number of passengers can be seen on-boar, and have closed the curtains.

Protestors can be heard chanting “Ireland is full, go home, and close the borders’” and waving flags branded Irish republic and Éireann Go Bragh,  while others are standing in front of the bus, shouting verbal abuse at the people on-board.

Gardaí are also at the scene.

It’s understood this is the second bus to arrive today, with the first entering the Barracks at around 11.30am.


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