E. Coli Found In One In 20 Private Water Supplies

There are 26 privately sourced group schemes in the midlands.

E. coli was found in 1 in 20 private water supplies in Ireland, according to the EPA report, Drinking Water Quality in Private Group Schemes and Small Private Supplies 2020.

It says the failures identified are of significant concern and put the health of consumers at risk

The report also shows that over one quarter of small private supplies, serving food businesses, nursing homes, crèches and B&Bs, were not monitored in 2020.

Noel Byrne, Programme Manager of the EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement says there are a number of reasons for contamination:

Noel says an immediate improvement is needed:

Community-owned and -operated water schemes have been vindicated in the latest EPA report, according to a representative group.

The National Federation of Group Water Schemes is welcoming the results of the study, which found 95% of private schemes are fully compliant.

There are 26 privately sourced group schemes in the midlands - 15 in Offaly, 10 in Laois, and one in Westmeath.

Senior Development Co-Ordinator with the Tullamore-based Federation, Joe Gallagher says non-compliances are often down to landscape:

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