Former Justice Minister Advises Fine Gael Leader To Ditch "Ill-Defined" Hate Speech Bill

Sinn Féin is also calling for the incoming bill to be scrapped.

A former Justice Minister is advising the new Fine Gael leader to "ditch the ill-defined" Hate Speech legislation.

Laois Offaly TD Charlie Flanagan says the party must go back to basics, and stay away from "all-night drinking and euthanasia".

He believes the priorities must be housing and health.

However, Simon Harris says he will not abandon the incoming hate speech legislation, which seeks to update Ireland's hate speech laws and bring them into an online age.

Sinn Féin is also calling for it to be scrapped, but the new Fine Gael leader says it's in the programme for government:

Deputy Flanagan believes the introduction of the legislation as it stands, could have "dangerous consequences."

He claims the bill is proving to be controversial amidst an absence of definitions.

The former Justice Minister says he fears the legislation could lead to complex court cases:

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