Keir Starmer Played Role In How The Irish Justice System Treats Sexual Violence Victims

That's according to Laois' Ellen O'Malley Dunlop, the former CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Keir Starmer played a direct role in how the Irish justice system treats victims of sexual violence, according to the former head of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Laois' Ellen O'Malley Dunlop was contacted by Britain's new Prime Minister 12 years ago when he was in Ireland speaking to the Law Society.

The future Labour leader wanted to talk about how to improve rape survivors experience in court situations.

During the course of their discussions, Mr. Starmer mentioned as Director of Public Prosecutions he trained prosecutors in that area because they invariably became judges.

This then became a policy the Irish DPP adopted off the back of Ms. Dunlop's conversation that day.

The Rathdowney woman says it was a very productive meeting:

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