Government Trying To Attract Irish Construction Workers Abroad To Come Home

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Also in your business news, luck contributed to the success of 60% of managers.

The government is going on an advertising blitz to try attract Irish construction workers living abroad to move home. 

Three quarters of a million euro is being spent on the campaign, to help address the housing crisis. 

An outreach programme is being set up to entice builders in cities like London, Sydney and New York to relocate back to Ireland. 

Higher Education Minister Simon Harris says Ireland needs it's construction workers to come home


Six in ten managers say an element of luck contributed to their career success.

Researchers in France found factors like being in the right place at the right time, a chance meeting, or even being sacked played a significant part in their success.

The study, by Emlyon Business School in Lyon, involving 650 managers also found 70% who suffered setbacks from an injury or a redundancy moved to a better job as a result.


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While the ISEQ Index of Irish Shares is at 9,300, up 0.53% since the opening.

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