Retail Group Warn Of Mass Closures

Elsewhere a 100 new jobs have been announced for a North East country.

Shops across the country will close in increasing numbers if government doesn't take action to help them.

A Retail Excellence Ireland survey shows 47% of retailers can't meet the rising cost of doing business with increases to the minimum wage, and new paid sick-leave for staff.

It says a return to the 9% VAT rate will help.


100 new jobs are on the way for Co. Louth. 

Pentagon Technologies has announced its developing a cleaning facility for precision parts in Dundalk. 

It'll be located at the IDA Science and Technology Park at Mullagharlin, with the manufacturing jobs coming on stream over the next five years. 


Looking at today's Currency Markets, one euro buys you 85 pence sterling and one dollar, 07 cent.

While the ISEQ Index of Irish Shares is at 9111, up .56% since the opening.

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