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Are You Taking Part In 'Sober October'?

The charity Turn2Me wants you to reflect on your alcohol consumption.

You are being encouraged to take part in 'Sober October'.

The charity Turn2Me wants you to reflect on your alcohol consumption and your relationship with alcohol.

It says alcohol can make anxiety and depression worse, reduce sleep quality, and heighten stress levels.

They are advising not to use alcohol to numb emotions or to reduce stress as it is counterproductive, after the initial relaxing effects wear off, the problems at the root of the stress are still there and may be heightened under the influence of alcohol.

Tullamore's Fiona O’Malley, CEO of Turn2Me, says “reducing or cutting out alcohol can improve our mental health. Alcohol is a depressant. Our moods can significantly improve when we reduce or stop drinking entirely. Setting yourself a challenge of giving up alcohol for a month can help you adapt a healthier lifestyle. It can make us reflect on how many alcohol units we consume, on average, every week and month, and it can also make us analyse our relationship with alcohol. Many people use alcohol as a social crutch, and they can start to rely on it in stressful or awkward situations. Nowadays, so many people decide to not drink at all, or not as much, on a night out thanks to so many alcohol-free alternatives. A month-long challenge like Sober October can make us consider how reliant we are on alcohol, why we consume alcohol, and how much happier we feel when we don’t drink as much or at all.”

Turn2Me has one-to-one counselling sessions or free support groups available to anyone who may need it on  their website: Turn2Me.ie 

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