"Disgusting" Behaviour From European Commission - Turf Cutters Association

Ireland have been accused of not doing enough to protect raised and blanket bogs.

The behaviour of the European Commission has been 'disgusting' according to the Turf Cutters And Contractors Association. 

The European Courts of Justice has seen a case brought with the commission claiming that work being done here to conserve raised and blanket bogs is insufficient.

Ireland are required to protect special areas of conservation, such as these bog, many of which are scattered across the midlands.

Independent Roscommon Galway TD, and Chair of the Turf Cutters And Contractors Association Michael Fitzmaurice says what they are facing is more like a kangaroo court:

Environment journalist John Gibbons says the State has a case to answer for:

The move has prompted anger here with Galway East TD Sean Canney accusing the commission of putting land ahead of people:


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