Gap Between Intention And Action On Climate Action - State Report

The report highlights the importance of balance in the Just Transition process.

People in Ireland have a high awareness of climate change, but don't want to give up flying, their open fires or meat for dinner! 

A new government report shows that most people here do intend doing more to combat global warming. 

It also highlights the importance of balancing environmental goals in the Just Transition process with socio-economic equity, and says while there's been a focus on the end of peat extraction for power generation in the midlands, it must cut across all taskforce sectors.

Researcher and climate commentator Sadhbh O'Neill says the State needs to make it easier. 

The 'Climate Conversations' report gathers data from the community and voluntary sector, business, youth groups and state agencies - and finds while awareness of climate change is high - a sense of urgency and personal responsibility remains a challenge. 

Most people intend to do more - like using public transport, managing energy consumption better at home, switching to an electric car, or investing in solar panels - but it also shows they're worried about cost - and aren't clear where to start.  

It also highlights habits that are harder to change.

Across the generations, young people struggle with the idea of flying less, older people struggle with losing their open fire - and many men in particular, can't see themselves eating a diet with less meat. 

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