Midlands Driving Instructor In Favour Of Speed Limit Reductions

He believes town centres should have speed limits of 30kmph.

A midlands driving instructor says he's in favour of reducing speed limits in town centres to 30kmph. 

Joe Wynne of Wynne's School of Motoring in Tullamore believes speed vans do work to make motorists reduce their speed.

National secondary roads will reduce from 100km per hour to 80, with rural and local roads going from 80 to 60.  a

Currently, there have been 128 deaths on Irish roads so far this year. 

Mr Wynne says roads are getting better, cars are going faster, but it is all about driver responsibility:

The most recent death occurred following a crash in County Carlow shortly after 6.30 this morning.

The collision, involving a car and a truck, happened on the N80 at Graiguenaspiddeog.

The Road Safety Authority is among those to back the move.

RSA Director Sarah O'Connor says there's solid evidence to suggest it will make a difference:

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