Overall Increase In Price Of Midlands Housing

Major towns in the region saw a decrease however.

House prices saw an increase across the midlands in the last three months, when compared to the same period last year

€250,000 is the median price for a home in Laois and Westmeath, increasing by 10.1% and 5% respectively. 

In Offaly, the median cost is slightly lower, at €230,000, an increase of 1.8% from the third quarter in 2022. 

However, the main towns in the region generally saw a decrease in the price of housing. 

A property in Mullingar will set you back about €271,000, a decrease of 4.1% from Q3 the year previous. 

Tullamore follows at €258,000, down 9.3%; very closely behind is Portlaoise at €255,000, down by 2%. 

Nationally, sale prices are up by just under 5%, coming in at a median of €320,000. 

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