TDs Struggling To Find Hotel Accommodation For Dáil Sitting Days

One Deputy had to stay in Westmeath due to a lack of hotel availability,

TDs and Senators from outside Dublin are struggling to find hotel accommodation on Dail sitting days, with some resorting to sleeping in their cars. 

The Irish Daily Mail reports that a shortage of hotel rooms as tourism recovers from the covid pandemic, coupled with the housing of Ukrainian refugees, has meant that some Oireachtas members are staying in guest accommodation that is over an hours travel from Dublin. 

One TD based in the west of Ireland is quoted as saying that he has resorted to sleeping in his car on two occasions and considered sleeping in his office but was concerned he would set off an alarm. 

Another Mayo Deputy revealed that he has stayed in Co. Westmeath, over an hours commute from Dublin, because it was the closest accommodation he could find. 

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