Teachers' Union Of Ireland Calls For Schools To Reopen On Individual Basis

While the ASTI is suggesting schools be reopened on a staggered basis.

Education officials, union representatives and management bodies will meet today to discuss the reopening of schools.

The Association of Secondary Teachers' say it's deeply concerned the Education Minister's going ahead with Thursday's reopening without putting additional Covid safety measures in place.

The teachers union's calling for staggered re-opening dates at at time when many staff are isolating.

However, there isn't a 'one-size fits all' method to reopening schools, according to the Teachers' Union of Ireland.

TUI General Secretary, Tullamore's Michael Gillespie doesn't think that should be the solution across the board, and individual schools should be able to assess their own situations:

Sinn Fein spokesperson on Education, Donnchadh O'Laoghaire, says if proper investment was made prior to Christmas in schools, the current crisis might not exist:

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