Midlands Men's Sheds Offering Support To Members Living With Dementia

Kilbeggan's TP O'Gorman says they will see the man not the dementia.

Men's Sheds in the midlands are offering their support to people living with dementia. 

TP O'Gorman, from the Kilbeggan group, says they will welcome new members and work with the family to help them settle in. 

He says they will see the man not the dementia. 

He's been speaking to Will Faulkner on the Midlands Today:

Dementia: Understand Together in communities is about creating understanding and inclusive communities where people with dementia and their families are respected, supported and connected.

It is based on six actions combined with a grassroots approach to spreading change. The six actions reflect the experiences and needs of people with dementia and their families. Quite often it's the small things that mean the most, a friendly word, a smile, a gesture.

Six key actions:
1.    See the person, not the dementia
2.    Talk about dementia
3.    Ask how you can help
4.    Stay in touch
5.    Support the person to keep up hobbies and interests
6.    Make sure your service or space is easy to use

Dementia: Understand Together is inspiring people from all sections of society to stand together with the 500,000 Irish people whose families have been affected by dementia. 


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