14 Midlands Schools Qualify For BT Young Scientist Competition

The event will take place next January.

14 schools from across the midlands have qualified for this year's BT Young Scientist competition.

Among the midlands competitors, there are 42 projects with a total of 550 making it to the technology exhibition 2024. 

The contest will take place in January 2024.  

Popular topics for the projects include mental health, diversity and inclusion and artificial intelligence, while the environment continues to be a well represented trend. 

Shay Walsh, Managing Director at BT Ireland says:

"At BT Ireland, we’re looking forward to delivering the 60th edition of this national treasure in January.  Each year we continue to be amazed at the caliber of ideas and innovations that are submitted for consideration to the BTYSTE."


The schools that will be representing the midlands, and their projects, are:


Heywood Community School  - How does hydration affect short-term memory? - Biological & Ecological  - Group

Mountrath Community School  - Extracting latex from dandelions and using it to make glue to find a sustainable alternative source for latex  -   Biological & Ecological - Group

Portlaoise College - A detailed analysis of how the transition to secondary from primary school affects students mentally and academically - Social & Behavioural Sciences - Individual

Portlaoise College - A File Manager Application for Tag-Based Searching of Media Files - Technology - Individual

St. Mary’s C.B.S. - Hen vs Machine - Biological & Ecological - Group



St.Brendan’s Community School - EcoEd Games - Technology - Group

St.Brendan’s Community School - The Woodwide Web’ – Do Plants Talk To Each Other? -  Biological & Ecological - Group

St.Brendan’s Community School - Paw preference - Biological & Ecological - Group

Tullamore College - Ethanol Evolution - Biological & Ecological - Group

Tullamore College - The Wrist Assist - Health & Wellbeing - Group

Tullamore College - “Ah Sure Go On, What Harm Could It Do?” – An Investigation into the Toxic Effects of Vaping - Biological & Ecological -  Individual

Tullamore College - Growing the Future: Investigating the growth of mycelium packaging using button mushrooms - Biological & Ecological -  Individual



Athlone Community College - Giving Girls a Voice: How Sucessful is the HSE at treating girls with endometriosis - Health & Wellbeing - Individual

Athlone Community College - Removing biases in the world of Artificial Intelligence - Technology - Individual

Athlone Community College - Psycho-acoustics and their applications in psychiatric conditioning  - Social & Behavioural Sciences - Individual

Athlone Community College - To investigate the difference in effect of laboratory generated chemical vs natural tablets on the removal of cyanobacteria, by constructing an ecosystem - Biological & Ecological - Group

Westmeath - Colaiste Mhuire - Cabhrú - Technology - Group

Colaiste Mhuire - An Investigation into Cyclist Safety in Ireland and Development of an Innovative Technological Solution to Improve the Rate of Cyclist Injuries and Fatalities: Safe Cycle - Technology - Individual

Colaiste Mhuire - Artificial Intelligence In Education – Friend or Foe? - Social & Behavioural Sciences - Group

Colaiste Mhuire -  Implementing Financial Literacy and Investing In Irish Teens - Social & Behavioural Sciences - Group

Colaiste Mhuire - Nutri-Mates - Technology - Individual

Colaiste Mhuire - Do we need a new curriculum? A deep dive into the Irish Second Level Education System - Social & Behavioural Sciences -  Individual

Colaiste Mhuire - Wake me wheel - Technology - Group

Colaiste Mhuire - Anchor - Social & Behavioural Sciences - Group

Marist College - Vapes deadly effects on the human body - Health & Wellbeing - Group

Marist College - Is there a better, more efficient way for individuals in wheelchairs to evacuate high rise buildings alone in the case of emergencies -  Technology - Group

Meán Scoil an Chlochair  - Are multispecies swards the future for sustainable farming? - Biological & Ecological - Group

Moate Community School - EweAlert: A Warning Device to Notify Sheep Farmers of Dog Attacks - Technology - Group

Moate Community School - Optimising Hydroponics for Use in Developing Countries - Biological & Ecological - Group

Moate Community School - Fowl Play: Investigating the Effectiveness of Improved Husbandry and Diet at Reducing the Bacterial Contamination of Hen Eggs - Health & Wellbeing - Group

Moate Community School - 5G Radiation: A Help or Hindrance to Biological Processes? - Biological & Ecological - Group

Moate Community School - Banana Bandages: A Sustainable Approach to Wound Care - Health & Wellbeing - Group

Moate Community School - BioGuard: A Sustainable Weedkiller for the Future - Biological & Ecological - Group

Moate Community School - Lead-Busters: Harnessing Woodlice for Water and Soil Cleanup in Developing Countries - Biological & Ecological -  Group

Moate Community School - Developing Ash into an Environmentally Friendly Fertiliser - Biological & Ecological - Group

Our Lady’s Bower - Mould Control Trigger - Technology - Group

Our Lady’s Bower - Moove Over Biodegradable – Let’s Talk Edible - Technology - Group

St Finian’s College - A Quantitative Analysis of Students’ Daily Inhaled Dose of PM2.5 Particles - Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences  -  Group

St Finian’s College - Thermodynamics of Crop Photosynthesis - Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences - Group

St Finian’s College - An Examination of the Effects of Early Musical Training on IQ - Social & Behavioural Sciences - Individual

Wilson’s Hospital School - D&D: Classifying Personality - Social & Behavioural Sciences - Group


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