Art Installation Created With WEEE Sourced From Midlands Recycling Company

Irish artist Áinne Burke created an art installation entitled the 'WEEE Self'.  

E-waste, mainly sourced from a midlands recycling centre, has gone on display in London. 

Irish artist Áinne Burke created an art installation entitled the 'WEEE Self'.  

She got many of the items from KMK Metals Recycling.

She  says she designed this piece of art to get people thinking about all the electronics in their lives; where the materials come from, who mines and refines them and the environmental and social impacts along the journey to manufacturing them into all the devices used across all industries.

She said "think about your own mobile phone which has 75 elements mined from earth's rocks globally are holding the most universally travelled materials in your mobile phone and there are more of them than there are toothbrushes in the world."

The piece was displayed at the window of a busy street along with informative posters for passers-by with an outline including photos of the design and production process.

Áinne visited KMK Metals Recycling headquarters in Tullamore in 2022 to tour the facility and choose the electrical components and cables that she felt would work with her inspiration. Mobile phones used in the piece were sourced from Tech Takeback UK. 

Kevin Thornton, Battery Manager of KMK Metals Recycling, said: "Áinne was very interested in our processes and how materials are broken down into components for recycling. We are always supportive of artists who approach us for materials as these works of art help drive home the message of how important it is to recycle old electronics and expose and re-use the precious materials within them."

Moor House is one of the most prominent and high-profile buildings in the City of London. Designed by the internationally renowned Foster & Partners it resembles a piece of art itself. 

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