Enoch Burke Set For Appeal Decision

The former teacher at a Westmeath school has been critical of previous High Court judgements.

Enoch Burke will find out later today if his appeal against court orders, including an injunction to stay away from his former school, has been successful.

Among the arguments he put forward is his claim that the legal test required to make such an order wasn’t properly applied.

As of the 27th of January, Enoch Burke has been hit with daily fines of 700e for every day he refuses to purge his contempt for an order to stay away from Wilson’s Hospital School. He was dismissed from the school for gross misconduct.

He claims the orders are invalid.

In his appeal, he criticised the decisions of two High Court judges that led to him being hit with the injunctions in the first place.

He accused one of the judges of failing to properly apply the required “fair question test.” In failing to do so, he claimed the orders were unlawful.

Lawyers for the school disagreed and urged the court not to interfere with the orders.

A judgement is due to be delivered at 2 o’clock this afternoon.

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