Enoch Burke's Legal Dispute Hearing Concludes

His legal dispute with a Westmeath school has been taking place in his absence for the past few days.

The hearing of a legal dispute between Enoch Burke and his former school has finished with a judgement due to be delivered at a later date.

Apart from sending an email to the judge this morning, Enoch didn't engage with proceedings again today and refused to purge his contempt. 

Mr. Justice Alex Owens has spent the past four days listening to the testimony of some of Enoch’s former colleagues at Wilson’s Hospital School.

They gave evidence of his behaviour after the school principal asked her staff to refer to a transitioning student by a new name.

Enoch accused her of trying to deny him his religious beliefs. He was later dismissed for gross misconduct.

Having been held in contempt of court on Tuesday, Enoch wasn’t present to cross-examine any of the witnesses.

He emailed the judge this morning accusing him of denying him a fair trial - something Mr Justice Owens utterly rejected.

Enoch showed up outside the courthouse in the afternoon but left soon afterwards.

Lawyers for the school submitted that there was nothing wrong with the process that led to his dismissal.

Judgement will be delivered at a later date.


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