€20 Million Funding Announced For Midlands Hospice

The 20-bed facility will be built at Tullamore Regional Hospital.

€20 million in Capital funding has been announced for a Midlands Hospice.

The 20-bed facility will be built at the Midlands Regional Hospital Tullamore.

The development is expected to be completed by the end of Spring in 2025.

Denis Doherty from the Tullamore Lions Club, which had raised one million euro through its Hooves 4 Hospice campaign, says it's the first time the Government has given capital funding for a hospice:

Laois Offaly TD Barry Cowen says:

"My brother and former Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, played an instrumental role in the provision of the Regional Hospital in Tullamore and it is my wish that I can be as  instrumental in ensuring this facility becomes a reality. 

The delivery of a hospice on the grounds of the Regional Hospital has been a key priority of mine for many years and it is
something that Fianna Fáil has been spearheading since we re-entered Government in 2020.

Since Fianna Fail entered Government, I’ve worked with Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, HSE and hospice groups in the region to progress this project. 

It is important to acknowledge the critical and supportive role that various groups /organisations have played in the support of Palliative Care services in the Midlands throughout the years. The reality is that without  them, people and families in need would not have got the support and care they needed they have funded buildings, staff and services. They have worked to develop, support and supplement the work of HSE services.

In the Midlands, we are lucky to have 5 Hospice Groups namely  Laois Hospice, Longford Hospice, North Westmeath Hospice, Offaly Hospice and South  Westmeath Hospice. We must formally thank these groups and all their volunteers who have fundraised for various palliative care initiatives through-out many years. All of these Hospice Groups continue to be committed to the development and expansion of palliative  care services and supports. Many of them have financially committed to the new Palliative Care Unit and have inputted into the development plans for Palliative Care services for the Midlands. 

In addition, to the above groups, the launch of Hooves-4-Hospice, an all-Midlands Group established by the Lions Club in the area fundraised specifically for the Midlands Hospice has been innovative, with tentacles of support all over Ireland.

Finally, the Irish Hospice Foundation has actively advocated for services and supported the funding of key research and reports that have been pivotal in keeping the need for a Palliative Care Unit in the Midlands at the front of demands.

Politics has its ups and downs. It has its good days and bad days. Today is a good day. My Party was synonymous with the provision of the Midlands Regional Hospital in Tullamore. It is again now synonymous with ensuring the Government’s intervention with this capital funding which will provide this facility and service. I am proud of the role I played with colleagues in influencing this decision."

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