IT Carlow Students Union Announce Initiative To Tackle Drink Spiking

It's hoped 'Spike Watch' will tackle a 'surge' in cases of spiking.

IT Carlow Students Union are launching an initiative to tackle an increase in the number of student's drinks being spiked. 

'Spike Watch' will be a volunteer operation that consists of members patrolling student bars in Carlow Town. 

It's hoped the visible presence will act as a deterrent as well as being a point of contact for someone who feels their drink may have been tampered with. 

The Students Union is also rolling out a small, card shaped device aimed at stopping spiking from occurring. 

Full Statement from Carlow IT Students Union:

The Institute of Technology Carlow Student’s Union have announced an initiative aimed at curbing the recent increase in student’s drinks being spiked. ‘Spike-Watch’ involves Students' Union staff and volunteer students patrolling popular student bars in Carlow town, aiming to be a visible presence to prevent individuals spiking others drinks.

The volunteer on patrol will also act as a point of contact for anyone who fears they may have been spiked or feels unsafe.  

The schemes development came after a surge in spiking reported over the last number of weeks, with a number of students affected. IT Carlow Students’ Union President Thomas Drury said

“As a Students’ Union, we feel it should be a priority of ours to ensure students can feel safe on a night-out without having to worry about themselves or their friends being spiked. This campaign steps up our efforts in putting an end to this drink-spiking crisis”.  

IT Carlow student Alex Kelly has also provided the Students’ Union with a simple device to help prevent spiking – a small circular card to place over an individual’s drink to prevent unwanted tampering with ones drink.

Popular student bars in Carlow town have joined forces with the Student’s Union in signing a pledge, reiterating their support for ending this crisis once and for all.  

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