Midlands Hospital Warning Of "Very Busy" Conditions Today

People are asked to avoid the hospital if possible.

Tullamore Regional Hospital is warning of "very busy" conditions today.

In a statement released by management, it says an increased number of people attending the emergency department.

The hospital is reminding members of the public to consider alternative care options before presenting to the ED, such as attending your GP or pharmacist.

You're asked to only attend the emergency services if absolutely essential.

It is essential that we protect our emergency services for those who require emergency care.

Do not delay in seeking medical attention if you suspect you are having a heart attack or stroke, please dial 999 or 112 in an emergency.

If you have to attend the ED in emergency situation, you're asked to:

·ensure you wear a mask,

·practice social distancing and

·ensure you tell the triage personnel if you have any signs/symptoms of Covid.

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