Minimum Wage Increase Will Negatively Impact Businesses - Laois Chamber

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An increase of 80c to €11.30 is to be signed off by cabinet this morning.

The minimum wage should be increased to €12 an hour, as a way of transitioning to a living wage next year.

That's according to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, who say the proposed 80 cent an hour increase is "inadequate" for workers who are struggling to pay their rent and heating bills.

The measure, which is set to be agreed by cabinet this morning, will see the legal wage a worker must be paid per hour rise to €11.30.

Patricia King from ICTU says we know workers need a living wage of €12.90 to be able to survive with costs soaring every day:

But Laois Chamber CEO, Caroline Hofman, expects the additional costs will put even more pressure on businesses facing high energy bills:

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