Three Midlands Motorists Caught Speeding On National Slow Down Day

Gardaí will conduct a number of speed enforcement measures today, in a bid to reduce the number of collisions on Irish roads.

Drivers are being warned gardai are out in force this morning for the next 24 hours as part of National Slow Down Day.

Gardaí will conduct a number of enforcement measures, in a bid to encourage motorists to reduce their speed.

Last year, 73% of fatal collisions occurred on rural roads, and it's estimated speeding is to blame for around a third of collisions.

Superintendent at Portlaoise Garda Station, Eamon Curley, says Gardaí are aiming to reduce the number of these incidents:

Three motorists have been caught speeding in the midlands, as part of a National Slow Down Day.

Over 36,000 vehicles were checked in the first two hours of the Garda operation, which encourages drivers to reduce their speed.

A motorist on the M6 in Tyrrellspass has been caught travelling at 138km per hour, Gardaí detected another going 113 km per hour in Portlaoise, and 120km per hour in a 100 zone in Mullingar.

National Slow Down Day will run until 7am tomorrow morning.

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