New Book On Successful Leadership Claims Brian Cowen Wasn't 'Ruthless' Enough

Author Fintan Drury claims the former Taoiseach should have ousted Bertie Ahearn earlier.

While Brian Cowen had many qualities, he lacked the most important trait of an exceptional leader, ruthlessness.  

That's according to author Fintan Drury, whose new book "See Saw" analyses the characteristics of successful leadership and includes a chapter dedicated to Offaly's former Taoiseach. 

He says Laois/Offaly deputy should have ousted Bertie Ahern as head of Fianna Fáil earlier, but his unfailing loyalty prevented him from doing so.

Drury, a former director of Paddy Power and Anglo Irish Bank, says people underestimate the extent of Cowen's dedication to public service.

Listent to the interview from Midlands Today with Will Faulner below: 

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