Offaly County Council Confirms Policies In Place To Tackle Fraud

A recent report found it was one of seven local authorities to not have such a policy in place.

Offaly County Council has confirmed it has measures in place to manage fraud risks.

A report by the National Oversight and Audit Commission last week found it joined Laois County Council and five others among the local authorities which didn't have a Fraud and Corruption Alert Plan in place.

However, Offaly County Council says one if its principal policies to target fraud and corruption is the ""Prevention of Fraud and Corruption and Contingency Plan," which forms part of the constant risk assessment carried out to ensure these is no loss in public funds.

It also says it deploys considerable staff and material resources in the detection of cyber activity and the prevention of cyber crime.

Laois County Council also confirmed it's had a similar plan in place since 2007.

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