Over Half Of Farmers Are Victims Of Theft

Nearly 30% didn't report the incident to Gardaí.

Over half of Ireland's farmers have been the victim of theft. 

A new study by criminologists at TU Dublin and the IFA, has found 55% of farmers report having been burgled, however 29% didn't report it to Gardai. 

124 participants from the midlands took part in the survey, which amounts to 10% of the total figure.

Among the reasons given for not reporting were the farmers didn't think it was serious enough, that Gardai wouldn't do anything about it , or that there was insufficient evidence to warrant police action. 

60% of the respondents believe Gardaí should have a dedicated unit to deal with farm thefts and rural crime. 

Tools, power-washers and quad bikes are some of the most common items stolen from farms.

That's according to the Westmeath IFA Chairman, Richard O'Brien.

Mr. O'Brien says farmers are often the victim of 'opportunistic theft:'

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