Photo Exhibition Of Starling Murmurations Opening In Midlands Library

It will focus on Starling Murmurations.

A photo exhibition is taking place in the midlands.

Mullingar Library is hosting the installation of Starling Murmurations over Lough Ennell.

The pictures were taken by local photographers John McCauley and Rodney Clery. 

Niall Hatch Head of Communications and Development with BirdWatch Ireland, says there are several theories as to why the Starlings fly in these formations. He says "of course, there is safety in numbers so escaping prey is probably a factor, but really it is a mystery."

He compliment John and Rodney on their photos and said "you're very lucky in Mullingar to have Lough Ennell nearby- it is one of the best, if not the best, place to view Starling murmurations in the Country. This natural phenomenon can be seen from November to March. You have to be very patient to see it and even more patient to get such fantastic photographs as these, as they really captured the three-dimensional aspect of the murmurations. Of course, what the photographs can't capture is the incredible sound of the murmuration and then the deafening silence once it is gone".  

"This exhibition is not to be missed", says Heritage Officer Melanie McQuade, "it was scheduled to mark Biodiversity Week but we are delighted to retain the exhibition until 8 June to give more people a chance to enjoy these beautiful images".

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