Westmeath School Asked To Update High Court On Enoch Burke's Compliance With Order

Mr Burke's case was mentioned in his absence this morning after the former teacher failed to show up on time.

A high court judge wants to know if Enoch Burke has been complying with a court order to stay away from Wilson's Hospital School in Westmeath.

Mr Burke, who was dismissed last month from his teaching role at the school, has been given until the end of the week to set out his position.

There was no sign of Enoch Burke when his case was called at 10 o’clock this morning. 

A number of issues in relation to legal costs were due to be mentioned but Mr Justice Brian O’Moore said he also wanted to know if Mr. Burke had been complying with a court order to stay away from Wilson’s Hospital School.

He’s the judge who imposed a daily fine of €700 on Mr. Burke for every day that passes without him purging his contempt

After allowing a few extra minutes for Mr. Burke to get to court, the case then proceeded in his absence with the judge directing the school to provide him with an update on whether he has been compliant. 

Mr. Burke then arrived, at 10.12am, just one minute after the order was made. The judge had already left the courtroom. 

He and his sister, Ammi, were filled in by the registrar, who told them he has until the end of the week to reply to the school’s update.

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