1,600 Midlands Homes Brought On Stream Last Year

Around the country, that figure is 28,000, according to a new report.

Over 1,600 new homes were brought on stream in the midlands last year.

That's one of the findings of Geodirectory's latest report, which shows Laois saw the largest number of houses added to its database in 2023, with just under 650.

That's followed by a figure of nearly 600 in Westmeath, and more than 350 in Offaly.

Over 28,000 new address points were added to its database around the country last year.

CEO, Dara Keogh, says we've done a good job of getting badly needed properties onto the market at a crucial time.

The report has also found the number of vacant residential properties across the midlands continues to fall.

Vacancy rates have gone down by 0.1% in Laois, Offaly, and Westmeath since Q2 of last year.

The report shows the national average is 3.9%, while that rate is now 2.9% in Laois, 3.6% in Offaly, and 4.1% in Westmeath.

The highest residential vacancy rates continue to be found in the west of the country, with Leitrim at 12% recording the highest rate followed by Roscommon at 10.4%.

Mr. Keogh says the figures in the midlands counties are indicative of a functioning property market:

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