Coronavirus: Where Can I Get My Booster Vaccine?

Here's your definitive guide to getting a booster vaccine in the midlands.

We're hearing lots about the roll-out of booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines - whether we need them, if they work, who can get them and where.

At the moment, only particular cohorts of the population are eligible to receive a booster dose. The government intends to extend that but, as to when, we're still waiting to hear.

In the meantime, here's a full break-down of everything you need to know about getting a booster vaccine in the midlands...


Am I eligible for a booster dose?

People who are most at risk from COVID-19 will be offered their booster first, according to the HSE.

Boosters are currently being administered to people aged 60 or over, those living in a nursing home or a long-term healthcare facility, healthcare workers, and people aged between 16 and 49 who have an underlying condition.

Doses will then be offered to those 16 years or older who are pregnant, 50 to 59 year olds, 40 to 49 year olds, and 16 to 39 year olds in stages with older age groups being called first.

You need to wait at least five months after your second vaccine dose before you can get a booster - in other words, 152 days.

If you had the single-dose Janssen vaccine, you need to wait at least three months.

If you had COVID-19 since you were vaccinated, you should get your booster dose at least six months after your positive test result.

If you were vaccinated in a different country, you can still get your booster here if you are due one. You will also have wait at least five months since your second vaccine dose. Call HSELive on 1800 700 700 to arrange your appointment. You will need your vaccination details, including vaccine type, date given and expiry date.


Where will I get my booster?

If you are aged 70 or over, you'll be invited for your vaccine by your GP.

Some GPs will refer patients to a vaccination centre. You will need an appointment for your booster dose.

If you are under 70 and due your booster, you will get a text message from the HSE with a vaccination centre appointment.


Walk-in booster clinics

Walk-in booster vaccination clinics are open to different groups on specific days and times. 

For example, some walk-in booster clinics are for people aged 60 to 69 only.

You do not need an appointment for a walk-in booster clinic.

There are three clinics in the midlands...


Offaly - Mucklagh Community Centre

Mucklagh, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, R35 DN02.


Healthcare workers:

Tuesday 30th November - 9.15am to 5pm.

Wednesday 1st December - 9.15am to 5pm.

Thursday 2nd December - 9.15am to 5pm.

Friday 3rd December - 9.15am to 5pm.

Sunday 5th December - 9.15am to 5pm.


60 to 69 year olds:

Tuesday 30th November - 9.15am to 5pm.

Wednesday 1st December - 9.15am to 5pm.

Thursday 2nd December - 9.15am to 5pm.

Friday 3rd December - 9.15am to 5pm.

Sunday 5th December - 9.15am to 5pm.




Laois - St. Fintan's Campus

Stradbally Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, R32 XEN0


Healthcare workers:

Not currently doing walk-in clinics for this group.


60 to 69 year olds:

Not currently doing walk-in clinics for this group.



Free parking onsite.




Westmeath - Moate Youth and Community Sports Centre

Church Street, Moate, Co. Westmeath, N37 KW60.


Healthcare workers:

Saturday 4th December - 9.30am to 5pm.


60 to 69 year olds:

Sunday 5th December - 2pm to 5pm.



Free parking onsite.


The opening times for these centres are regularly updated by the HSE so keep an eye here for the latest information.


Pharmacies offering booster jabs:

The HSE says those who are eligible will be contacted directly and do not need to register.

However, anecdotally, people are waiting prolonged periods for an appointment.

A selection of pharmacies are also offering boosters and can be contacted directly.

You will have to book an appointment in advance though - demand is high!

You can see the full list of pharmacies offering booster jabs in Offaly, Laois and Westmeath below...


If you're looking for participating pharmacies in other counties, you can search the HSE database here.


Which vaccine will I be offered?

If you are 30 years or older, you will be offered either the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or Moderna vaccine.

If you are 29 years or younger, you will be offered the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

You will be offered one of these even if you got a different COVID-19 vaccine previously.

This is based on a recommendation from the National Immunisation Advisory Committee.


Changing or cancelling your appointment:

You are asked to get in contact ahead of time if you cannot make your appointment so your slot can be reallocated.

You can cancel by replying to the text from the HSE with the word 'REJECT.'

If you cannot attend your allocated appointment time, you can ask for a new one.

Reply to the text message from the HSE with the word 'New'.

If you would like to change to a different vaccination centre, fill in the vaccination centre change form here or call HSELive on 1800 700 700.

It may not be possible to go to the same vaccination centre where you were vaccinated before.


How long does the booster vaccine immunity last?

The HSE says it doesn't know yet how long booster immunity will last.

Clinical trials are ongoing to find this out.


When you should not go to your appointment?

It goes without saying that if you currently have COVID-19, you shouldn't leave your house, let alone go for a vaccine appointment!

The same applies if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are restricting your movements.


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