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Fianna Fáil Is ‘Bigger’ Than Micheál Martin

Barry Cowen sends text message to member of Offaly Fianna Fáil.

Former Agriculture Minister Barry Cowen has sent a message to a Fianna Fail member in Offaly saying the party is bigger than him and it’s definitely bigger than Micheál Martin. 

The Laois Offaly Deputy also said he made a stupid mistake.

He admitted that the last few weeks and yesterday have been difficult. 

Text message from Barry Cowen: 

“FF is bigger than me. It’s definitely bigger than M Martin. I have apologised for my actions. I made a stupid mistake but I did not do what they have accused me of. Firstly, I do think I have a right to find out how my records were released and secondly the options I have then to engage in a process to discuss such records with authorities (DPC). We’ll then regroup, deal with issues in our constituency and give leadership and representation to communities. That’s what we do best. These few weeks and yesterday have been difficult but I hope we can find a pathway forward together.”

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