Garda Gives Account Of Courtroom Burke Family Courtroom "Melee"

Photo Credit: Google/Tom Gelletlie

Simeon Burke has brought his case against his conviction to the Court of Appeals.

Simeon Burke is appealing his conviction for a public order offence arising from his behaviour during what was described as a “melee” in the Court of Appeal last year.

He, along with his parents; his brothers Enoch and Isaac; and sister Ammi, were removed from the courtroom; and Simeon was arrested soon afterwards.

When he walked into the Court of Appeal on the 7th of March last year, Garda Conor O’Dwyer described seeing Simeon screaming and holding onto a bench.

He said he asked him to leave, but claimed Simeon held on with a strong grip and kicked out at him.

He said he and three of his colleagues managed to get him out of the courtroom.

He described his behaviour that day as appalling and claimed he continued to resist outside the courthouse, leading to a decision to arrest him for a breach of the peace.

Simeon was subsequently convicted and fined €300 under Public Order legislation.

In this appeal, he claims he wasn’t being aggressive or abusive towards gardai and accused one of them of making a “fundamental error” in removing them that day. 

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