"There's More Good Times Than Bad" - Midlands Woman Shares Her Experience Of Fostering

The annual awareness campaign 'Fostering Connections' has been taking place this month.

"If you've got a spare room, and a lot of love to give, make an enquiry."

Those are the words of a midlands foster parent.

Christina Brennan Seery and her wife Suzy were approved to become foster carers five years ago.

Since then, they have had four different placements.

They had a positive experience at the start with two boys on an emergency placement for two weeks.

That showed them the potential in what they're doing.

Christina and Suzy currently have a little girl who's been with them for five years.

The Edgeworthstown couple say there is a grieving process when a child leaves their foster care.

And there have been instances that didn't go well but that it's never the fault of the child.

Children can come with complex needs or traumatic experiences and if the correct supports aren't available, it can lead to "placement breakdown".

In terms of financial supports, there is an allowance that is specifically available for the child. 

Taking in a foster child "will cost you money, just like a normal child", according to Christina.

Christina has been speaking with Will Faulkner on Midlands Today and says "there's more good times than bad", and for those looking to get involved it's important to do the research:

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