Midlands Principal Warns Against Rushed Decision On Face Masks

The laws on mandatory mask-wearing are expected to be dropped shortly.

The laws mandating facemasks to be worn in shops, on public transport and in schools is expected to be dropped. 

NPHET will meet tomorrow and is expected to replace the rules with guidance urging people to continue wearing face coverings. 

Dr. Denis McAuley, chair of the Irish Medical Organisation's GP Committee, thinks people should still have to wear them:

However, Professor of Immunovirology at UCC, Liam Fanning disagrees.

He thinks it's time to change the rules:

There's been lots of debate over the merits of mask-wearing in schools.

Matt Melvin, principal of St Etchen's National School in Kinnegad, says any decision to relax the rules shouldn't be rushed:

The Teachers' Union of Ireland is also urging a cautious approach to the lifting of mitigation measures in schools.

Its general secretary, Tullamore's Michael Gillespie, says they want to see every effort made to keep face to face teaching a priority:

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