More Than 100,000 Expected To Be Self-Isolating For Christmas

Laois' Siún Lennon is among those who've been in quarantine over the festive period.

A midlands psychotherapist is offering some advice to those who'll be cooped up on the 25th.

It's expected more than 100,000 people will be self-isolating for Christmas.

New rules mean positive Covid cases and close contacts must restrict their movements, leading to a surge in Christmas isolation.

Midlands psychotherapist Stella O’Malley has this advice for those in that situation:

Stella says it can be a difficult time:


A stigma has developed about catching covid-19 in social settings.

Laois woman Siún Lennon penned her thoughts in the Irish Independent after contracting the virus in the build-up to Christmas. 

She says there's a different metric of blame assigned - unless you catch the virus at work:


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