Plans Submitted For "Communal Artist Retreat"

A 3D Rendering of the proposed development

It will give artists a live and work space for up to a year.

A proposed new development in the midlands is aiming to foster creativity in a quiet and eco-friendly environment.

Tony Kilduff is seeking planning permission to construct four new dwellings in the Clonfinlough area of Offaly.

It will be a self-sufficient commune for artists to live and work for a period between three and 12 months, according to the planning file.

The 'Communal Retreat,' has been an idea of Mr. Kilduff's for years, and will be powered by solar energy, if given the green light.

Three of the units will be used by artists, while the fourth will serve as a live and work space for the client when they visit.

Offaly County Council is due to make a decision on the development next month.

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