Reduction In Size Of Midlands Families

The CSO has released more details from last year's Census.

The average number of children in a family has seen a decrease, according to the 2022 Census.

As of Apirl 2022, Westmeath had the highest number of families in the midlands region, with 24,204, that's followed by Laois with 23,416 and Offaly at 21,357.

Each county saw an increase in the number of families since 2016, the highest increase was in Laois, which was up by 6%, Westmeath increased by 4% and Offaly by 3%.

Nationally, the number of families without children went up by 11% since 2016. There was also an increase in single-parent father families living in rented accommodation, and the number of same-sex couples increased to over 10,300. 

Deirdre Lynch, Statistician with the Census section of the CSO, says almost half of family units were married couples with children: 

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